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Past students say it best.
Here is what some people had to say about CAPS

Well, I passed out some business cards that I had made up. Lawyers offices were happy to take them; one firm asked if I was able to serve some papers right then. I was apprehensive, but everything went ok. They were even expecting someone any day to serve them papers. I know that this is a good sign of things to come. I know that this will be a great 2nd income. I will not be pursuing it full time (Got a good day job), but I know that there is a real need for professional  servers out here...Thank you for your excellent seminar!

Rick, Denver


"Thank you so much for teaching the Process Servers Seminar. I learned what the job entails and how to do the job with perfection. The class was way more than I ever expected so please keep up the good work and great attitude."

Pam, Denver


"What I liked the most about the seminar was that it is an in-youre face class, very personal interaction, excellent information, and was held in Denver."

Gary, Denver


"You guys sure know what you are talking about. After taking the seminar, I opened my own professional process service agency .The material you provided, taught me everything I needed to become successful. I now make more money than I ever have in my life."

Brenda, Westminster


The content of the course was excllent. I enjoyed the class size, it was comfortable and you could ask questions Thank you

Kris, Evergreen



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