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Areas of Concentration
Witness Location
We provide Investigation to determine the whereabouts of a witnesses. We can then follow up with either process service or interviewing the witness
We perform video surveillance for worker's compensation cases, domestic cases, insurance fraud, activity checks, and many other situations.
Motor Vehicle License
We will verify if a subject is licensed to drive in a particular state and obtain his/her driving record. 

Criminal Search
We will verify whether a subject has a criminal record or not.
Process Service
Serving process is not a job for amateurs. It requires absolute precision and detail - the kind of service you're assured through CVB. We know the rules of serving process, and we follow them without fail. You never have to wonder whether the right person will be served or be served before your statute runs out. Our process servers are among the most experienced in the area. That means you're not only assured of process service that is efficient, timely and indisputable,but courteous as well. You can count on CVB to maintain professional conduct, even in the most potentially confrontational situations. We're here to support your efforts, not jeopardize them.

Personal Injury
CVB provides an accurate, timely and comprehensive report of all events surrounding the individual's personalinjury, including information obtained from interviews, surveillance, witness statements and police reports. You will receive still photographs of the injury or accident site taken as soon as possible to preserve evidence at the scene, and a detailed description of each photograph with its point of origin. We use the latest investigative technology to identify fraudulent claimants discreetly.
Employee Efficiency
The standard evaluation consists of observations concerning customer service, honesty, cleanliness, efficiency, and quality. Are customers treated in a pleasant and friendly manner? Are the employees recording the sales when several items are sold? Is your money being placed in an open drawer? You can answer all of these questions and much more with this valuable service. All evaluations are followed up with a detailed report. Quality information is our chief concern