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 Our agency's mission, focus,
a little about  our history and our ethics.

Our Agency's Mission

The mission of our agency is to provide you  with the highest level of personal and professional service for your investigative needs.





We are proud that a majority of our investigations are performed on behalf of some of Colorado's largest legal and corporate firms. Our business standing and reputation credits the high standards we maintain, and the strength of our results. Knowing that our performance assists our clients to realize their own goals reinforces our resolve to remain at the forefront of the investigation field.


CVB has provided professional, discreet, and cost effective private investigation services since 1996. We utilize the latest in investigative methods, equipment, and databases. CVB is on the cutting edge of the private investigation industry.

We provide services to the legal field, insurance companies, the business community and private sectors.


We Believe:

The employees of CVB Investigative Services  are concerned with the Private Investigation industry and form a group of professional persons obligated to society and devoted to the service and welfare of individuals through teaching, sharing, and research. The members of this group are committed to values that are the foundation of a democratic society. Freedom to work in an atmosphere conducive to the best interests of the profession, the welfare of the public, the profession, and the individuals concerned should be of primary consideration in conducting investigations, serving papers, or any other part of our professional undertakings.

Ethical standards in professional relationships:

1. It is the obligation of all employees  of CVB to observe the Code of Ethics of the organization and to act accordingly so as to advance the status and prestige of CVB, and of the profession as a whole. Members should assist in establishing the highest professional standards for programs and services, and should enlist support for these through dissemination of pertinent information to the profession as a whole.

2. It is the obligation of all employees to maintain relationships with other professional persons, striving for harmony, avoiding personal controversy, encouraging cooperative effort, and making known the obligations and services rendered by professionals in investigations, and process serving.

3. It is the obligation of employees to report results of research and other developments in investigations, and process service so that we may all benefit.

Please contact us to discuss any specific situation to see how we may be able to assist in reaching a resolution.
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