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A Letter from the Directors  

 TO: All prospective Process Servers

 FROM: David Cottrell and Michael Carpenter CAPS Directors


 Successful Process Servers have a passion for their work. They have a burning desire to see a job well done and a commitment to excellence. Many of our students grew up knowing that they could be good at their own business if given the chance.

Thats what this powerful program does it provides you with practical, real-world training that delivers proven skills for achieving day in and day out results.

You will be given the essential skills that have proven themselves time and time again with successful Process Servers across the state.

You will learn how to build a solid foundation, how to approach the challenges of becoming a Process Server with confidence, creativity, and you will be successful.

        You will learn how to establish credibility, not only with your clients, but with outside agencies and the public

        You will learn how to walk the fine line between getting the service done and being truthful

        You will learn how to get people to "open up" to you.

        You will learn how to deal with the new challenges facing the Process Service industry

        You will learn how to establish pricing to be competitive.

I want to welcome you, and thank you for taking the first step in becomig a Professional Process Server 



            David Cottrell and Michael Carpenter C.A.P.S. Directors


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