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Bert Sims 

began playing drums at twelve years old, by the time he was fourteen he was in his first band and began playing some of the local night clubs in the Denver area. Eventually he became interested in the bass guitar and by the time he was sixteen he had made the switch to bass and was fronting his own band. The day finally came he and Lee had the opportunity to combine their talents and form the Platte River Band.
Bert was born in San Francisco and due to the fact his father was in the military, the family got to see many parts of California and the desert southwest before settling in Colorado. Bert now calls Colorado home and when he has free time he enjoys fishing, bowling, and golf.
Bert also has talent in the song writing area and penned one of the songs on the Back Trackin' CD called Fishin' (One of his favorite pastimes.) Bert is currently working on some new tunes for the next project so stay tuned!